World Conference on Glass Ionomer Cements: Towards Biomimetic Dentistry Towards Biomimetic Dentistry

29 and 30 August 2019

It is a great pleasure to extend an invitation to participate in the World Conference on Glass Ionomer Cements: Toward Biomimetic Dentistry to be held in London, UK from 29th-30th August 2019 at Institute of Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London 

EU and UN have laid out directives on “phasing down” Amalgam use with a focus on Atraumatic Restorative Dentistry (ART). This conference brings together the most knowledgeable researchers from all over the world, to highlight the application and importance of Glass Ionomer Cements (GIC) for ART as well as its role in Biomimetic Dentistry.

Along with Keynote lectures from some of the world’s leading experts in GIC, This conference consists of lectures/seminars, clinical demos, poster sessions on recent research related to the topic.

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