Thermo Cure


1.       A preliminary comparison of the mechanical properties of chemically cured and ultrasonically cured glass ionomer cements, using nano-indentation techniques.

2.       Mechanical properties of glass ionomer cements affected by curing methods.

3.       Response to thermal stimuli of glass ionomer cements.

4.       Influence of ultrasonic setting on tensile bond strength of glass-ionomer cements to dentin.

5.       The effects of heat treatment on selected properties of a conventional and a resin-modified glass ionomer cement.

6.       Heat-treated glass ionomer cement fissure sealants: retention after 1 year follow-up.

7.       Effect of ultrasound on the setting characteristics of glass ionomer cements studied by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy.

8.       Kinetics of fluoride ion release from dental restorative glass ionomer cements: the influence of ultrasound, radiant heat and glass composition.

9.       Extrinsic energy sources affect hardness through depth during set of a glass-ionomer cement.

10.        An in-vitro study to compare the microhardness of glass ionomer cement set conventionally versus set under ultrasonic waves.

11.        Effect of ultrasonic excitation on the porosity of glass ionomer cement: a scanning electron microscope evaluation.

12.        The effect of ultrasound on the uptake of fluoride by glass ionomer cements.

13.        Ultrasonically set novel NVC-containing glass-ionomer cements for applications in restorative dentistry.

14.        Influence of ultrasound or halogen light on microleakage and hardness of enamel adjacent to glass ionomer cement.

15.        Cervical microleakage in Class II open-sandwich restorations: an in vitro study.

16.        Effect of ultrasonic excitation on the microtensile bond strength of glass ionomer cements to dentin after different water storage times.

17.        Influence of ultrasonic excitation and heat application on the microleakage of glass ionomer cements.

18.        Effect of gloss and heat on the mechanical behaviour of a glass carbomer cement.

19.        Effects of polymerisation unit on the flexural strength of Glass Carbomer

20.       Light Application and Succes Rate of ART Restorations

21.       Biaxial flexural strength of high-viscosity glass-ionomer cements heat-cured with an LED lamp during setting.

22.      Influence of ultrasonic excitation and heat application on the microleakage of glass ionomer cements.

23.      Influence of additional heating on the microhardness of glass ionomer cements

24.      Influence of heat and ultrasonic treatments on the setting and maturation of a glass-ionomer cement.

25.      The effect of heat on the mechanical properties of glass ionomer cements.

26.      Heat transfer properties and thermal cure of glass-ionomer dental cements

27.      Effect of radiant heat and ultrasound on fluoride release and surface hardness of glass ionomer cements.

28.     A Comparative Evaluation of the Influence of Command Set Methods on Microleakage of Glass Ionomer Cement: An In Vitro Study.


30.   Clinical Performance of Heat-Cured High-Viscosity Glass Ionomer Class II Restorations in Primary Molars: A Preliminary Study.