After preparation using a partial matrix system filled with Glass with no monomers! set with Thermo-cure. Courtesy: Han Heesen

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Biomimetic Dentistry is a new way of dentistry which takes advantages of the natural mineralization processes in the mouth without using harmfully products.

Decay is a unbalance of re- and demineralisation leading to a loss of minerals like Calcium and Phosphates. Biomimetic Dentistry aims to reverse this unbalance by offering the lost minerals back to the tooth. Hand excavation (ART protocol) is preferred to keep as much as tissue which
IMG_2352can be re-minerelised. (see also video’s) Glass Ionomers can be used to deliver the desired minerals. Glass Ionomers are with normal auto cure are too weak to survive all the forces in a loaded multi surface posterior filling. With the help of Thermo-cure the properties can be boosted to get a permanent restoration which can compete with the strength of a sound tooth. Also minerals in a past or as a sealant can prevent ongoing decay. When the majority of the tooth is lost Bioactive porcelains can be bonded with a natural mineralization process without any margins. (see mineralization in vivo!)